multiple therapies

Combined Therapy Treatment



Start a combined therapy with a remedial or deep tissue massage, or relaxation or hot stone massage.



Add a dry cupping, wet cupping or no mark cupping experience to open the skin’s pores, increase blood flow, relieve muscle tension and promote cell repair.


Acupuncture / Dry Needling

Add an acupuncture treatment to remove focussed pain, relieve stress and improve overall wellness.

You can combine many different service options from our list of treatments below:

Our Treatments

Make a Booking

    You will receive a call or text message to confirm your booking. We recommend calling us for any bookings within 24 hours of appointment times. Drop-ins are welcome but are not guaranteed service. You can text us on 0422 900 932 prior to booking for a free consultation.

    Why People Choose Us


    Tailored Treatments

    We tailor our treatments considering both your physical and mental wellbeing.


    Combined Therapy

    We use an integrated and systemic assessment to create personalised combined therapy treatments.


    Modern Traditional Methods

    We apply a contemporary therapeutic approach to traditional Chinese methods.


    Qualified Staff

    Our qualified staff want the best outcomes for our clients and their quality of life.


    A Care Plan

    Post-treatment we develop a care plan in consultation with you to optimise treatment results.


    Individual Approach

    We recognise your individual needs and treat our clients with dignity and respect.