We provide over 15 different massage types to suit your requirements and can be used in combination treatments. The most popular massage types include:

Massaging the soft tissues of the body to induce a state of deep relaxation focussed on the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body.

Pregnancy Massage

$89 / 60 mins

Specifically tailored to your individual needs and can assist in providing relief for morning sickness, swelling of legs and feet, tiredness, tightness of neck, shoulder, lower back, etc.

4 handed massage uses synchronised technical massage movements that applies the same pressure and pace on both sides of the body.

Neck and Shoulders

$49 / 30 mins

Release the pressure and stress of work with a neck and shoulders massage focussed on relaxing the muscle tissue and tightness from daily activities.

Hot Stone Massage

$89 / 60 mins

Using deep penetrating heat from smooth heated stones that are placed along the body to improve the flow of Qi and Blood and fluids in the body.

Facial Therapy

$49 / 30 mins

Applying an alternating gentle and strong pressure with the fingers and palms, stimulating the soft tissue of the face which enhances Qi and the blood flow.

We provide both acupuncture and dry needling services that can be used in a combined therapy treatment.


$99 / 60 mins

A traditional healing modality where needles are expertly inserted into points along the meridians.

Dry Needling

$99 / 60 mins

Modern fusion of Eastern and Western medicine that uses needles inserted into trigger points to restore normal functions

We provide dry, wet and no-mark cupping treatments tailored to your individual needs which are commonly used in combination treatments.

Cupping - Back Only

$39 / 20 mins

Applying cupping techniques to the back only. Cupping therapy is a technique where cups are placed on the skin to create a vacuum to improve the flow of Qi and Blood.

No Mark Cupping

$49 / 20 mins

Applying silicone cups to all areas of the body to create suction which does not leave any visible marks and improves the flow of Qi and Blood.

A full body treatment applying cupping techniques on the skin to alleviate muscle tension, open the pores of the skin and improve the flow of Qi and Blood.

We specialise in combined therapies and can tailor to your needs. Our most popular combined treatments are listed below but an individualised treatment package can be created with 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 treatment options. Please call to discuss treatment plans and for full pricing.

A 2-in-1 combination therapy that includes a Neck Shoulders & Back massage and Feet Reflexology treatments.

A 2-in-1 combination therapy that includes a focussed muscle fibre massage and remedial dry or oil massage

Cupping & Massage

$99 / 60 mins

A 2-in-1 combination therapy that includes a cupping treatment and a dry or oil massage

Ear Candling

$59 / 40 mins

Removes ear wax and other impurities from your ears with an ear candling technique using hot air and natural suction.

Infrared Sauna

$59 / Unlimited Session

A superior sauna treatment using iHealth infrared panels for ultimate heat absorption to help eliminate toxins and improve blood flow.

Gua Sha

$59 / 30 mins

Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese healing method involving scraping the skin with a smooth tool to release the connective tissue around tight muscles and improves the flow of Qi and Blood.

Feet Reflexology

$79 / 60 mins

Pressure is applied to specific points on the feet to stimulates the bodies’ natural healing abilities – we also do hands, ears and face regions.

We have many different treatments ready to customise for your session. Check out our full price list and services on the link below:

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